Popular Online Dance Games in 2023

Since 2009, Ubisoft’s Just Dance franchise has grown to boast 140 million players and over 500 unique dances. The latest iteration of this popular online rhythm game offers a new track list, new modes and an improved visual style.

Just Dance 2023 offers fans an exciting lineup of 40 tracks featuring top-notch music from various genres and artists. Additionally, it promises regular free updates and new songs, as well as access to the premium Just Dance+ subscription service.

As with most Just Dance games, you’ll need either a Just Dance Controller or smartphone with the Just Dance app installed to capture your movements. These motions are then matched against on-screen dancers for points.

In addition to the standard dance routines, Just Dance 2023 introduces an online multiplayer mode. This enables you to invite up to five friends (along with their dance scores) into a private room so that you can host a group dance party even when you’re miles apart.

Connecting with friends has never been simpler! Just Dance’s World Dance Floor mode allowed users to join dance parties around the world and view global scores in real time – an excellent addition that many users missed.

However, the lack of that feature is more than made up for with an eye-catching update to the game’s art direction, visual style and user interface. Characters, worlds and choreography all look polished and sophisticated, while new customization options give you even more ways to personalize your avatar.

However, the song selection in this game isn’t as extensive as in past years. Fans of the series can pick and choose their favorites, but there aren’t a ton of tracks from current pop superstars available.

While more songs and dance styles will become available as free updates come out, you should find enough to keep you occupied for some time. Enter the Danceverses is a unique new way to play that requires you to dance your way through stories between songs which will be added as free updates come out.

One of the greatest things about this version of Just Dance is that it includes more dances specifically tailored towards people with disabilities. It boasts one of the best wheelchair dances ever, plus numerous routines with hand choreography. Unfortunately, some songs – particularly Britney Spears’ “Toxic” – contain intense spins on the knees which could potentially cause harm if attempted.

Overall, Just Dance 2023 is an impressive entry into the series and a great choice for fans of the franchise. While it doesn’t boast an extensive track list, there are some nice updates to its style and gameplay, plus Ubisoft promises regular free content releases.