New sex positions

New sex positions

We have found some new sex positions for you and your escort. Life is about variety and exploring new things. So why not try a new sex position next time you book an escort?  

G-Wizz sex position is beneficial for the male client and a female escort. The escort lies on her back with her legs resting on the client’s shoulders. She can be at the edge of the bed, with the client standing on the floor. Or the client can kneel on the bed. For the client, it is a better sensation. The vagina feels tighter. But for the escort, it is easy to orgasm as the penis hits her G-Spot. The client can hold onto the escort’s legs for support. Or gently part her legs to get an uninterrupted view of her privates, body, breasts and face.  

In Leeds these days, research carried out by us in 2019. Shows that the low doggy style sex position is a modification of the popular doggy style position. It is more comfortable for the Leeds escort. The escort rests on her arms as opposed to her hands. She can also rest her head. Then she raises her hips into the air. Either slightly or fully so she is on her knees. (If the escort lays flat on the bed with her hips raised, this sex position is called the Flatiron). The client then positions himself behind her. The low doggy sex position gives a deeper penetration but in comfort, particularly for clients who can last longer in bed. The escort or the client can stimulate her clitoris for extra pleasure. Submissive escorts can enjoy some hair pulling.  

The Ballet dancer sex position is for escorts who are flexible. The escort and the client stand and face each other. The escort stands on one foot and wraps the other leg around his waist. The client supports her by wrapping his arms around her. This is a fantastic new sex position for regular clients who want an extra special GFE from their escort. This sex position allows for intimacy and plenty of kissing. For a sexier experience, the client can position the escort up against the wall.  

Enjoy these new sex positions with your escort!