Have you ever tried dogging?

dogging slut

Have you ever tried dogging? Are you an exhibitionist who enjoys having sex with strangers in a public place? Knowing that others are watching you having sex? Or are you a voyeur who enjoys watching or spying on people having sex? 

If you have tried dogging, then you know it is the equivalent to “live porn”. You can literally watch gangbangs or threesomes live at the meeting point. Compared to exhibitionism, dogging is more organized and the couple performing the act sends an invitation for people to come see them have sex at a dogging hotspot or meeting point. Dogging is mutually-beneficial sexual pleasure for those with voyeuristic and exhibitionist fetishes. If you have tried dogging, you will know that it is illegal. However, if you continue to enjoy dogging you are willing to break the law to satisfy your fetish. The risk of getting caught makes the sexual activity more exciting. Non-consensual voyeurism is illegal. This is where you spy on people having sex or getting undressed without their knowledge. Dogging is totally consensual from the exhibitionists and the voyeurs. 

In the past, before like-minded strangers could contact one another through the internet. They say peeping-toms would take their dogs for a walk to purposely watch couples having public sex in the woods, parks and bushes. Back then, they only spied on the couple having sex. Nowadays, the British have invented dogging. There are websites, forums and chat rooms where people for the first time can join and try dogging.  

People within the dogging community know where the hotspots are, so don’t always wait for an invitation. It is known that they meet at secluded car parks and leave their car lights on to signify they want sex with a stranger. Two strangers meet, have sex and leave. With the possibility that others are watching. Or people go to the car park in the hope that people are having sex.